Disability Issues

Our attitude to making church accessible is not just a matter of creating a wheelchair accessible toilets, and ramped accesses. It’s a also spiritual question of how well we observe and meet other peoples’ needs. Incidentally what is mocked as “politically correct language” is exactly the same thing: taking real care over others. So, people are not disabled (nor are the toilets they need – they wouldn’t be much good if they were disabled!), nor should they be “cap-in-hand” (from which comes the word handicapped) but they are people with a disability or difficulty.

Once we have grasped this, we will see that there are other ways in which we can make an effort to improve access: large print books, loop systems, a helping hand for mums and dads with buggies, sitting near a newcomer to show them the page numbers…. God welcomes us at his feast; we need to make sure our attitudes match.



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