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DBE Contact Details

 Board of Education Staff

Michael Mill

Director of Education, Children & Young People

Office: 01768 807766  Mobile: 07584684306


Deborah Smith

Deputy Director of Education, Children & Young People

Office: 01768 807767 


Dorothy Macleod

Schools Buildings and Finance Officer

Office: 01768 807768


Nancy Lush

Administrative Assistant  

Office: 01768 807769





DBE Mission Statement

The Board has authorised a Mission Statement as follows:

Our mission in growing disciples is

  • to enable schools in partnership with churches to be the places that deliver the best outcomes for children and their families educationally, spiritually and emotionally within a Christian context.
  • to support and equip the churches in their work with children and young people
  • to enable young people to have access to an innovative Network Youth Church programme and intern scheme.


The priorities identified through this process are:

  1. A Mission Action Plan for each church/mission cluster including plans for work with children, young people and schools.
  2. For all Church Schools in the Diocese to be as good as they can be.
  3. For many of our children in church Primary schools (and some non-church) to have access to a Christian after-school activity and wherever practicable develop so that it can become a 'fresh expression' of church.
  4. To enable every secondary school in the Diocese to have good church links.
  5. A Network Youth Church in Every Deanery, with local cell groups and worship and teaching appropriate to young people.
  6. To deliver an expanded internship programme.


The recommendations of the review were approved by the Board of Education on 10th March 2010 and Synod on 13th March 2010.

Our CE Schools

 CE schools, their category and websites

(Categories: VC=Voluntary Controlled, VA= Voluntary Aided, F=Foundation, A=Academy)






Partnership Agreement 2017-18Partnership Agreement 2017-18
File size  280kb    File date 27 Feb 2017

File size  272kb    File date 27 Feb 2017
Heversham future consultationHeversham future consultation
File size over 1MB  5437kb    File date 23 Jan 2017

File size over 1MB  8543kb    File date  5 Jan 2017
Cartmel Pennisula Primary Schools DayCartmel Pennisula Primary Schools Day
File size over 1MB  1913kb    File date 17 Oct 2016
Partnership Agreement Booking FormPartnership Agreement Booking Form
File size  40kb    File date  1 Sep 2016
Training Programme 2016-17Training Programme 2016-17
File size  16kb    File date 21 Jul 2016

File size  109kb    File date  9 Jun 2016
Simply Collective Worship sampleSimply Collective Worship sample
File size over 1MB  1164kb    File date  6 Jun 2016
School Governance Regulations 2016School Governance Regulations 2016
File size  52kb    File date 31 Mar 2016
Self Review Questions for Governing BodiesSelf Review Questions for Governing Bodies
File size  60kb    File date 11 Feb 2016
DBE - Top Ten IssuesDBE - Top Ten Issues
File size  299kb    File date 30 Jul 2015
New Ofsted regime presentationNew Ofsted regime presentation
File size  713kb    File date 29 Jul 2015
School Effectiveness ConsultantsSchool Effectiveness Consultants
File size  294kb    File date  6 Feb 2015
Diocesan Friends Scheme flyerDiocesan Friends Scheme flyer
File size  96kb    File date 20 Nov 2014
Valuing All God's ChildrenValuing All God's Children
File size over 1MB  1981kb    File date  6 Oct 2014
DBE of the futureDBE of the future
File size over 1MB  6628kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
RE Teaching and Learning ReviewRE Teaching and Learning Review
File size  133kb    File date 23 Apr 2014



DBE dates


Thursday 22nd January - Trinity CE School. Carlisle
Thursday 19th March
Tuesday, 19th May
Tuesday 30th June - Rydal Hall
Thursday 10th September
Wednesday 11th November