Shap with Swindale and Bampton with Mardale

The Revd Alun Hurd
The Vicarage
CA10 3LB
01931 716048

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Bampton with Mardale
Bampton Grange

We are a small but very dedicated and welcoming congregation. We have recently reordered the church to provide additional space at the west end for  after service and other events and have recarpeted the church. A new sound and loop system has also been installed. In the small and renovated church hall to the west of the church is housed the Tinclar Library, a Parish Library founded in 1750 and one of only two such Libraries remaining, in the Diocese which remain in their original parishes and the only one open to the public. The Library has a core collection of theological books but in addition there is abroad range of books of local and general interest extending back to the eighteenth century. The Library is open on the first Sunday in each month,7.00-9.30pm.

Most of Bampton Church as we see it today was built in 1726-1727 but it stands on a site where there had been a place of worship for as long as eight centuries. It is first mentioned in 1170 when it was attached to Shap Abbey and when the services were o

10.00am - Holy Communion

6.00pm - Holy Communion

10.00am Informal Cafe Church in the Church Hall

10.00am Holy Communion

10.30am Joint Holy Communion at St Patrick's or St Michael's Shap

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Shap with Swindale
North end of Village
Details to follow

The church has its origins in Celtic times, the dedication being shared with several other churches in the Appleby Deanery. Built in stone in 1140 the church predates the Shap Abbey. It was probably rectorial until 1200 when it was served by the canons