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101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches

A Carlisle clergyman has co-edited a new book which looks at more than a hundred ways to grow a healthy church.

Anton Müller’s book – 101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches – includes submissions from the Bishop of Carlisle, the Rt Revd James Newcome, and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

It investigates practical ways in which better church management can improve life, worship and witness.

The book, which was published in November, has also formed the basis for a special one day workshop at Rydal Hall, the Diocese of Carlisle’s retreat centre.

More than forty people from the Carlisle and Blackburn dioceses attended the event on Saturday.

Anton, who led a section on evangelizing churches, said: “The aim of this day was to encourage church leaders and church members in the work they are already doing by sharing good ideas and good practice – not only through church services but through services of care and support to the communities around them.”

The first session, looking at how a church family can agree a vision, was led by Bishop James.

Anton’s co-editor Michael Lofthouse, the former deputy director of the Canterbury Christchurch University Business School, looked at how church ministry and management can run in harmony.

Other contributors included Rev Kevin Huggett, chaplain of the University of Lancaster, and Sue Müller, Anton’s wife who has 30 years’ nursing experience.

Anton, who lives in Carleton, has over thirty years of leadership and management experience gained through his work in education, cathedrals, world mission as well as parish and community based initiatives.

He was formerly the Spiritual Care Co-ordinator and chaplain at Carlisle’s Eden Valley Hospice.

He added: “What excites me about this book is that it is full of thoughts and ideas that can be done by anybody….because they have already been done by somebody!

“The book is a practical guide to be dipped into just as one might dip into a recipe book or car manual. It is a treasure trove of wise words and pointers for leading and managing churches into healthy growth.”

101 Great Ideas for growing Healthy Churches is the latest MODEM book.

MODEM is a nationally registered charity which helps churches explore ways to manage and organise more efficiently.

The former National Secretary of MODEM, John Nelson, also co-edited the book.

101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches is published by Canterbury Press and retails at £18.99. Copies can be ordered by:

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