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Support for Christian Aid Harvest Appeal

This harvest, as we celebrate God’s bountiful creation, our church is standing alongside communities in Brazil whose most important harvest is under massive threat.

Did you know that every Brazil nut you’ve ever eaten was gathered from wild trees in the Amazon rainforest? They cannot be cultivated: they do not survive without the complex forest ecosystem and are dependent on particular types of bees, orchids and rodents that live there.

Every March, Bebé Albenize and her community work incredibly hard gathering Brazil nuts from the rainforest. These nuts play a central role in the life of the community, who live in poverty. They provide vital nutrients in a place where up to 10 per cent of children are malnourished, and they are virtually the only source of income for buying essentials like medicine. Without the nuts, life would be almost impossible for the community: and yet the rainforest is under threat from mining and logging companies. That’s why Christian Aid partner the Pro-Indigenous Commission of São Paulo (CPI) is helping the community gain the legal rights to its land.

As we celebrate God’s good gifts this harvest, let us remember CPI’s work, Bebé’s community and their struggle to protect this complex and fragile creation.

This harvest, we are helping them bear fruit for the future. Thank you so much for all you can give.

‘Pray for us to find a way to make a living from the Brazil nuts and continue living here on our lands.’

– Bebé Albenize

For more information about Bebé Albenize and her Quilombola community visit the Christian Aid website. There you can find a reflective slideshow of photographs illustrating the lives of the Quilombola and hear some of their music. There is also worship and prayer resources which can be adapted for services and small groups as well as sermon notes and power point presentations. Visit for details.


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