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South Lakes worship pastor turns full-time author

A South Lakes worship pastor has turned full-time author, publishing an epic adventure novel for young adults about spiritual warfare.

Damian ScottDamian Scott, aged 50, stood down from his role at St Thomas Kendal at the start of the year in order to commit to writing his new book Rise of the Sleepwalkers.

It draws on the experiences of two teenagers, Titus and Bina, who when asleep are able to enter a spiritual arena of battling angels and demons.

The adventure novel is aimed at teenagers and those in their early 20s and is the first in a series called the Somnambula Instalments. While touching on the spiritual realm, Damian is keen that it is open to all and not just a Christian audience.

He said: “I’ve had the idea for this book for nearly ten years and it was finally my wife Julie, who is a successful artist, who persuaded me to go for it.

“The novel reflects the fact that, in life, people have to take sides and looks at how that can be played out in a heavenly and spiritual dimension.

“I just really wanted to write something for young people that gave the truth about good and evil and maybe give some context to world events in the context of a Christian perspective – but without writing a specifically ‘Christian’ book.

“If young people read the book and start to imagine what role angels and demons play in the grand scheme of things, and then start to grasp that there might be more to life than just the tangible world around us, then I’ll feel like I’ve done my job.”

The father-of-two has self-published the 240 page book via Amazon and which is now available as a paperback or ebook.

He turned to full-time writing after having been a worship pastor for nearly seven years – full- and part-time. His new career also draws on his skills as a freelance copywriter.

“Everyone at church has been hugely supportive of what I’m doing,” Damian explained. “I felt called to write the book as it’s something which has been burning away at me to do for so many years.

“The time felt right to do it now. The congregation has shared my excitement and I know that plenty of people have prayed about it and then bought and reviewed the book which is wonderful.”

Damian has already started work on the second novel in the series. Rise of the Sleepwalkers is available for £2.40 for all Kindle devices and app, as well as in paperback form for £7.99 – both direct from the Amazon website.


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Buy Rise of the Sleepwalkers here: and follow Damian on Twitter @Damian_Scott or contact him at or on 07765 868250.




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