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Prayer for those affected by cuts

The West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council has produced a Prayer of Penitence for those affected by public spending cuts.

On Ash Wednesday senior church leaders from WYEC took part in a service of penitence at St Anne's Cathedral, Leeds. There, they recognised and repented of the part we have all played in causing suffering in our society, and prayed for the victims of public spending cuts.

This prayer may be helpful to churches and individuals.


God of compassion and justice
We offer our prayers for our communities;

We give thanks
That they are places of belonging and welcome
And for the countless ways in which the needs of each person are met
through the commitment, gifts and skills of others.

Forgive us we pray,
When we take the work of others for granted;
When we diminish the value of human life;
When we fail to treat all people with the respect which they deserve;
When we forget our need of one another;
When we forget the needs of the poor among us;
When our own desire for status or security dulls our senses,
closes our ears, blinkers our sight;

Gift us with vision, we pray,
To see the world around us with new eyes;
To recognise the light of your presence in every person;
To discern Godly wisdom in the midst of hard human choices;

Attune our listening, we pray,
To hear the cries of those deprived of work,
and of those bearing the burden of working long hours;
To know the anger and the angst of people who feel pushed to the margins
by those with wealth and power;
To catch the whispers of our neighbours who feel they have been silenced,
whilst others shout more loudly;

Give us courage, we pray,
To stand alongside those in greatest need;
To challenge easy solutions and false assumptions;
To work in partnership with others where we can make a difference together.

God of justice and compassion,
As, on this day, we face the truth
that we are made of dust and to dust we shall return,
Re-mind us of the common humanity that we share;
Re-kindle your compassion in our hearts;
Strengthen our resolve to live more generous lives;
Re-tune us to your deep wisdom amidst the responsibilities that we hold
and the choices that we make,
That we might seek to walk in the way of Christ,
and remain true to our calling, even through the wilderness.

We ask this, and all our unspoken prayers, in the name of Christ, Amen

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