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Church and School resources

Church & Schools:

This section of the Diocesan website has everything you need to help with all aspects of linking churches & schools together. The downloadable resources currently available include; everything you need to set up & run an after school club from scratch, a pack to help resource a Prayer Space in School Day, seasonal half termly after school family celebration events,material to help with Year 6 transition into Year 7. Please click on the 'downloads' tab above for all of these resources.

Resources for Christian Clubs in Schools available:

'Bible And Me' offers an easy-to-use resource for running a primary aged Christian club. It takes children through the Bible, using a different story each week. There is an Old Testament & a New Testament pack (click for details.) Each pack covers 30 sessions, with enough material for an hour's club. It is flexible and can be easily adapted to suit different groups and situations.

The 'Bible And Me' resources appear with kind permission of Matt Rich and has been trialled in several Cumbrian schools. We would ask that you consider making a donation to the requested charity if you are using this material. (a UK Christian charity working on the internet to bring help & hope to those in need.)

 Links to other recommended resources & websites:

 - we now have our own Church & School page on Pinterest, where we share all current resources & craft ideas to resource you in your work.

Pray for Schools mobilising & resourcing Christians to support their school communities through prayer.

Prayer Spaces in Schools resources & creative ideas for running a prayer space in school.

York Schools & Youth Trust for club resources, transition material & much more (primary and secondary)

Scripture Union Light Live register for free online club resources website, tailor & adapt to fit your situation.

PopUK is a Christian Charity that runs a community integration project, enabling schools to connect with their local church and community in a fresh and vibrant way. It is also a project that brings schools together to form long lasting partnerships.




resources for Remembrance resources for Remembrance
File size  320kb    File date 20 Oct 2015
Adult Evaluation Sheet for CLUBAdult Evaluation Sheet for CLUB
File size  353kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
BAM - New TestamentBAM - New Testament
File size over 1MB  1595kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
BAM - Old TestamentBAM - Old Testament
File size over 1MB  1170kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Training 2014 final handoutC&S Training 2014 final handout
File size  840kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Training Notes Leven ValleyC&S Training Notes Leven Valley
File size  228kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Christmas family eventC&S Christmas family event
File size  882kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Family Pentecost resourceC&S Family Pentecost resource
File size  798kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Parish AuditC&S Parish Audit
File size  197kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Easter sample eventC&S Easter sample event
File size  769kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Experience Easter 4 young peopleExperience Easter 4 young people
File size  391kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Lent sample eventC&S Lent sample event
File size  943kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S Harvest sample eventC&S Harvest sample event
File size  549kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S sample letter to parentsC&S sample letter to parents
File size  201kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
C&S sample team rotaC&S sample team rota
File size  81kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Tattiepot seminar handoutTattiepot seminar handout
File size  237kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
File size  221kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Transition downloadTransition download
File size  735kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Why play games? (Beaconside Training 2)Why play games? (Beaconside Training 2)
File size  222kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
File size  103kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Pray for Schools - introductionPray for Schools - introduction
File size  211kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
sample Young Peoples' evaluation sheetsample Young Peoples' evaluation sheet
File size  358kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
sample Letter to Head requesting Clubsample Letter to Head requesting Club
File size  199kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Schools, Children and Evangelism handoutSchools, Children and Evangelism handout
File size  218kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Worship Songs resource listWorship Songs resource list
File size  230kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
why craft?why craft?
File size  224kb    File date 23 Apr 2014


For details of current Year 6 to 7 deanery transition programmes, please contact your local Deanery Network Youth Church Leader. Where ever possible we advise linking with any Christian club or organisation already working in your local secondary school (e.g. Network Youth Leader, NISCU, local Christian youth worker.)

We have a recommended resource to use alongside the 'It's Your Move' book produced by Scripture Union; click here for further details.

We have also developed free resources to use for assemblies, lessons & reflective prayer stations click here to download.

All our suggested Transition resources are also available to view on our Pinterest transition board.

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