Christening is often called Baptism.  "Baptism" comes from a Greek word meaning "to wash";  "Christening" comes from Greek words meaning "in Christ".  Whichever word - when we are Baptised, we are by God's power made members of His Church, adopted as His children, and given the new life and hope of the Resurrection. 

Different Churches have different policies about how and when they do Christenings/Baptisms and also about Godparents etc.  Please talk to your Vicar before making firm arrangements : dates, Godparents etc.  You will usually be visited by the Vicar or someone else from Church before the Baptism.  There will also usually be some kind of Baptism Preparation - because the promises you and the Godparents will make at the Baptism are very serious commitments.  The Church where you have the Baptism will hope that you keep in touch with them, honouring the promises you have made. 

Click here to learn more about what the Church of England says about Baptisms.


We are honoured and delighted to be asked about being part of family celebrations like Weddings and Christenings.

There is a Church of England Parish for everyone in England, and you have the right to a wedding, a christening, (and indeed a funeral), in your parish church.  To find your parish church click here to go to the Diocesan Map or click here to go to A Church Near You.

Click here to go to the national Church of England website to learn more about weddings, christenings and funerals