Copy of Parishes & Clergy

The Diocese of Carlisle covers (more or less) the County of Cumbria;  it is called the Diocese of Carlisle because traditionally Dioceses had to be called after a city rather than a county - though this is changing.

The Diocese is divided into 11 deaneries, and then into about 100 benefices each with a vicar; each benefice consists of one or more parishes - and there are about 300 parishes in the Diocese.

This structure is designed to make sure that everyone in the country has a parish church where they have the legally enforceable right to be baptised, to be married and to be buried; and to make sure that there are intermediate levels of responsibility, accountability and support. 

Please click on the map to take you to a particular Deanery, from which you will be able to find a benefice, then parishes and churches.

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