Appointing an Architect

 The appointment of an Architect / Surveyor is one of the most significant decisions a PCC will make.  Someone said that it was a bit like deciding on your psychiatrist!

There are two documents which you can download from here about this:  a short (one side of A4) document, and a longer document.  But in brief: 

  • the Archdeacons are happy to support PCCs in making these appointments; 
  • you may also wish to consult neighbouring PCCs – in your Mission Community, Deanery or even more widely in the Diocese – about their experience; 
  • you may wish to ask several Architects or Surveyors or their practices to tender, by submitting portfolios of their work, and then coming to interview;
  • PCCs appoint a specific Architect or Surveyor, not the practice;
  • the cost of Quinquennial Surveys may seem high to small parishes but most Architects report that they do not make money on doing them – on the whole they are doing us a favour rather than the other way round;
  • the key factor in appointing an Architect or Surveyor is a good professional relationship between PCC and Architect or Surveyor. 


There is also a list of Architects / Surveyors, which the DAC is required to keep.  Being on this list does not imply approval from, or any guarantee, by the DAC: the DAC does not have the resources to do this. 

Any Architect / Surveyor can apply to go on this list : the application form can be downloaded below.

The DAC renews this list every four years - so 2020, 2024, etc


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