The Chancellor of the Diocese issued new Churchyard Regulations in July 2010;  he revised these in Nov 2010 (Revision 1) and Nov 2012 (Revision 2).  

The latest Revision 2a was made in June 2013, and is available for download below : this version comes into effect immediately.

You can also download an application form for memorials:

  • the form is to be used for application to the Vicar;  Vicars have been given delegated powers to allow or refuse memorials which fall within certain parameters;  where the proposed memorial falls outside these, or the Vicar refuses and you wish to pursue the matter further, you will need to apply to the Chancellor for a Faculty
  • the form is in two versions: .pdf and .doc

You can also download two leaflets:

  • one is a Summary of the (revised) Churchyard Regulations - particularly for those who need to organise a burial in a churchyard
  • the other is a leaflet which churches will need to download and alter and then distirbute - it is for those those who need to organise a funeral



Churchyard Regulations 2010 rev7Churchyard Regulations 2010 rev7
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File Scanned at 09/14/17 16:00:15File Scanned at 09/14/17 16:00:15
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Organising a funeralOrganising a funeral
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Summary of Churchyard RegulationsSummary of Churchyard Regulations
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Application form for a memorial (.doc)Application form for a memorial (.doc)
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Application form for a memorial (.pdf)Application form for a memorial (.pdf)
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