Repairs and Maintenance

In order to maintain buildings as efficiently as possible it is useful to have early warning of potential problems. The Quinquennial Inspection, carried out by an approved architect or surveyor, helps congregations to do just that.

In the sub-pages to the side and below are downloads that help with various aspects of maintaining your church building.

Here is a presentation produced by SPAB (the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) which underlines the importance of regular maintenance:

Archdeacons' Visitation News - 2019Archdeacons' Visitation News - 2019
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Articles of Enquiry 2019Articles of Enquiry 2019
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Articles of Enquiry 2018Articles of Enquiry 2018
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Articles of Enquiry 2018Articles of Enquiry 2018
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Archdeacons News 2017Archdeacons News 2017
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Archdeacons' Visitation News 2016Archdeacons' Visitation News 2016
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Role of ChurchwardensRole of Churchwardens
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2015 Articles of Enquiry completed responses2015 Articles of Enquiry completed responses
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Archdeacons Visitation News 2014Archdeacons Visitation News 2014
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Maintenance PlansMaintenance Plans
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