Maintenance Plans

"A stitch in time saves nine"
The old adage contains much wisdom: keeping on top of minor maintenance, (even if not cheap, though often it is) can save very substantial sums on major repairs in the long run.  That leaking gutter, if neglected, can cause thousands of pounds' worth of damage to stonework and plaster. 

The Quinquennial Inspection Report is always going to be a good place to start.

So too is your own experience of your church:  every church has seasonal jobs which need to be done:  clearing leaves out of gutters, cleaning filters on fan-assisted radiators, etc.

Lots of churches successfully link with local volunteers for boon days, when people come and do odd jobs for a morning or a day.  One key to making this a success is to have a good list of jobs - the regular maintenance jobs, plus those little things which you know need to be done, but you hadn't got round to them...  Another key is to make sure that you have the right kit to hand - tools and materials.  It's a nice idea to offer everyone refreshments - perhaps not just coffee, but maybe soup and a roll.... 


All of this points to the importance of maintenance plans:

Archdeacons' Visitation News - 2019Archdeacons' Visitation News - 2019
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Articles of Enquiry 2019Articles of Enquiry 2019
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Articles of Enquiry 2018Articles of Enquiry 2018
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Articles of Enquiry 2018Articles of Enquiry 2018
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Archdeacons News 2017Archdeacons News 2017
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Archdeacons' Visitation News 2016Archdeacons' Visitation News 2016
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Role of ChurchwardensRole of Churchwardens
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2015 Articles of Enquiry completed responses2015 Articles of Enquiry completed responses
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Archdeacons Visitation News 2014Archdeacons Visitation News 2014
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Maintenance PlansMaintenance Plans
File size  50kb    File date 23 Apr 2014

click here to download the English Heritage maintenance document (designed for those churches which have recieved grant aid from English Heritage, but a useful resource for all churches).

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