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Adapting your Church

Our church buildings are a very visible witness of our faith in the community. However, worship styles and the needs and expectations of communities have changed since many of our churches were built.

Also, our Church Buildings need to be open and used much more than they have been in recent years. This is partly a moral and stewardship issue:  our churches belong to everyone in the community and they represent huge investments of time and money:  it is just plain wrong for them to be used for only a couple of hours each week.

It is partly also about sustainability.  Churches which are used every day are going to be much more sustainable than those used only once a week or less. 

Our new Buildings Strategy begins to offer some support for congregations as they think about adapting their buildings: click here to go to the Buildings Strategy page


Audio-Visual presentations

Although Over Head Projections (OHPs) and suchlike are sometimes seen as the thin edge of the wedge by traditionalists, and although some people like the way in which having a prayerbook gives you an idea about what is coming next - nevertheless, many people are more used to seeing a powerpoint presentation than to finding their way through a prayerbook.

Other advantages are that people lift up their eyes and their faces, and that you can do away with those dog-eared leaflets which are slightly out of date and inevitably have at least one typo!

Incidentally, OHPs are very old-hat these days as people use data projectors connected to laptops to produce, quite quickly, reasonably polished presentations.

There is some free software - - which they use at St John's.  Churches would need to have a CCCL Licence if to be used at church meetings.  St John's have already helped a church at Keswick set it up.  Advice can be provided by