Church & Hall Policies

Letting Policies

Below, available for download, is a sample Letting policy and related documents.  You would need to change parts of the documents to suit your particular situation.

Thank you to St Cuthbert's, Carlisle for offering the work they have done on this to the whole Diocese.

NB Some years ago, an extreme (fascist) organisation masqueraded as a bonafide organisation (the RSPB, I think) in order to book a hall for what would actually have been a political meeting.  This is part of the reasoning lying behind the idea of getting a reference for an unknown hirer.


Please go to the Security and Safety Section to find Risk Assessments, Fire Safety advice etc


Ecclesiastical Insurance Hallguard PolicyEcclesiastical Insurance Hallguard Policy
File size  33kb    File date 10 Mar 2015
Church and Hall sample letting policyChurch and Hall sample letting policy
File size  32kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Church and Hall sample booking formChurch and Hall sample booking form
File size  26kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
Church and Hall sample liquor authorisationChurch and Hall sample liquor authorisation
File size  22kb    File date 23 Apr 2014