There are now a number of green and economical ways of heating buildings.  The basic idea is that the heat comes from some other source than burning gas or oil or using electricity.

In the two systems we currently feature, the heat comes either from underground, or from the air.  Something like a refrigerator in reverse moves the heat from the source into the building - so you do use electricity (to run the heat exchanger = the refrigerator) - but nothing like as much!

So the heating is typically left on all the time - giving a more stable environment which is better for the building (eg driving damp away), and also means that the building can be used at any time.

In the Bigrigg (Ground Source) scheme, there is also a small traditional gas boiler to top up the heating when they need to use the church.

Running costs are impressively low.


Please contact Church House (Property Dept) to contact our Diocesan Energy Adviser.



air source heat pumpair source heat pump
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ground source heat pumpground source heat pump
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