Church Social Action Network


Church Social Action Network, which arises from the former BSR after it was reviewed (see below), has several purposes:

  • to support those in the Diocese already engaged in social responsibility, to share insight and experience, etc
  • to encourage social responsibility activity in the parishes, in line with the emerging Diocesan vision

At its first meeting, CSAN set itself three priorities for action:

  • promoting understanding in the parishes of what social responsibility is
    • including responding to requests from parishes for help to engage with issues locally - there are three areas currently - migrant workers in tourism and agriculture; domestic violence; credit unions
  • co-operating with SRF on promoting Credit Unions
  • Conversations across Cumbria (a project to build links and understanding between the different communities in Cumbria)

The 'bones' of the network are the Officers:  the Urban Chaplains, the City Centre Chaplain(s), the Industrial Chaplains, the World Development Officer.

Chair the Ven Richard Pratt
50, Stainburn Rd, Workington, CA14 1SN
Tel: 01900 66190

CSAN works ecumenically - with local Churches Togethers, with partner churches, and with the Social Responsibility Forum of Churches Together in Cumbria (SRF) - and also with a wide range of secular bodies.

More information about the Social Responsibility Forum is available here:

The Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility published a couple of booklets giving helpful advice in a nutshell. These are included below;  yuou can also download the Review and a shorter Summary; part of the review was a survey sent to parishes: you can also download the results of the survey separately.


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