Diocesan Synod



Mrs J Lowdon

Ex-Officio Members

The Bishop of Carlisle
The Bishop of Penrith
The Dean
The Archdeacon of Carlisle
The Archdeacon of West Cumberland
The Archdeacon of Westmorland and Furness
The Chancellor (Mr G F Tattersall QC)
The Chair of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (Miss Lily Hopkins)
The Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance Finance Committee (The Rev'd M Jayne)

Proctors in Convocation

The Revd D Craven
Canon R Crossley
The Revd S Fyfe

General Synod Members

Dr C J Angus
Mrs V Hallard
Mr P G Hine
Mr D J Mills

Bishop's Nominees

House of Laity Co-options

Mrs J Conlan

Ecumenical Representative

The Revd N Reynolds

Elected Members (Appleby Deanery)

The Revd S Lunn
The Revd S Ward
Mrs A Barbour
Mr M Higginbottom
Sir M Holdgate
Major J H C Sawrey-Cookson

Elected Members (Brampton Deanery)

The Revd R Allon-Smith
The Revd T Edwards
The Revd P Greenhalgh
The Revd E Johnsen
The Revd R Tague
The Revd R Tulloch
Mrs T Coombs
Mr J R C Craig
Miss S Goodliffe
Mr A J Massey
Mrs J Murphy
Mrs A Stephenson

Elected Members (Carlisle Deanery)

The Revd N Beer
The Revd T A Boddam-Whetham
The Revd S P Carter
The Revd M Firth
The Revd E Hancock
The Revd C G Y Hyslop
The Revd T J Hyslop
The Revd G Potter
Canon G P Ravalde
The Revd A Towner
Mr A R H Cook
Mr T Hazard
Mr J Johnson
Mr B Leather
Mrs E M D Metcalfe
Mrs I Roberts Green

Elected Members (Penrith Deanery)

Canon D M Fowler
Canon S Pye
The Revd D Sargent
Mr H G Ellison
Mrs P S Ellison
Miss S C A Tomlinson
Mr C M Watts

Elected Members (Calder Deanery)

The Revd A Banks
The Revd S Cake
The Revd L Gray
Canon G Hart
The Revd R Jackson
The Revd S Walker
Mrs R Amey
Mr P R Baxter
Mrs A M Brassington
Mr G R Brassington
Mr D W Dickinson
Mr J Geering
Mr D A Jones
Mrs G Troughton
Mrs V Tyson

Elected Members (Derwent Deanery)

The Revd P A Rogers
The Revd W Sanders
Mr R J D Baird
Mr M Bonner
Mrs J S Collins-Webb
Mr W B Evans
Mrs P A Hirst
Mrs J M Ingrams
Mr R Peck

Elected Members (Solway Deanery)

Canon M Day
Canon T Herbert
The Revd S McKendrey
The Revd J Powley
Canon B Rothwell
Mr T Barker
Mr B Church
Mrs B Layfield
Mr D Leighton
Mrs F M McIntyre
Mrs L Radcliffe
Mrs J Scoging
Mr P Wardle

Elected Members (Barrow Deanery)

The Revd A Batchelor
The Revd G Cregeen
The Revd R Ham
The Revd M Hornby
The Revd E Northey
Mrs B Ashley
Mr P Gardner
Mr W A Johnson
Mrs B Pearce
Mrs K Wise

Elected Members (Furness Deanery)

Canon A Bing
The Revd Carl Carter
The Revd G Tubbs
Mr G Brunskill
Mr J Imlach
Mr J M Wilson

Elected Members (Kendal Deanery)

The Revd G Burrows
The Revd D Cooper
Canon N Davies
The Revd A Miller
The Revd A Pettifor
The Revd R Snow
Canon A Whittaker
The Revd S Wilson
The Revd M Woodcock
Mrs O Clarke
Mrs B K Handley
Mr C Howarth
Mrs L Hunter 
Mr D C Walker
Mr G R J Wragg

Elected Members (Windermere Deanery)

The Revd A Norman
The Revd J Richards
The Revd S Thompson
The Revd G T Wilson
Miss F Watson