General Synod

General Synod - Newly Elected Members

Members of the House of Laity

Dr Christopher John ANGUS
Burtholme East, Lanercost, Brampton CA8 2HH

Mrs Valerie Jean HALLARD
56 High Street, Workington CA14 4EU

Mr Peter Geoffrey HINE
Chapel Howe, Sour Nook, Sebergham, Carlisle CA5 7DY

Mr David John MILLS, MBE
51 Greenways, Over Kellet, Carnforth LA6 1DE


Proctors in Convocation

The Revd David Alex CRAVEN
The Rectory, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle CA4 8RF

The Revd Canon Ruth Joy CROSSLEY
The Vicarage, Vicarage Road, Levens, Kendal LA8 8PY

The Revd Stewart John FYFE
The Vicarage, Morland, Penrith CA10 3AX


Results Sheet and Voting Figures in downloads





File Scanned at 09/14/17 15:07:15File Scanned at 09/14/17 15:07:15
File size  0kb    File date 14 Sep 2017
House of Laity resultHouse of Laity result
File size  47kb    File date 15 Oct 2015
Proctors in Convocation resultProctors in Convocation result
File size  41kb    File date 15 Oct 2015
Proctors in Convocation votingProctors in Convocation voting
File size  7kb    File date 15 Oct 2015
House of Laity voting sheetHouse of Laity voting sheet
File size  7kb    File date 15 Oct 2015
Christopher Angus Election AddressChristopher Angus Election Address
File size  210kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Allan Daniels Election AddressAllan Daniels Election Address
File size  121kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Valerie Hallard Election AddressValerie Hallard Election Address
File size  102kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Geoffrey Hine Election AddressGeoffrey Hine Election Address
File size  19kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Lilian Hopkins Election AddressLilian Hopkins Election Address
File size  9kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
James Johnson Election AddressJames Johnson Election Address
File size  39kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
David Mills Election AddressDavid Mills Election Address
File size  155kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Lorna Tampling Election AddressLorna Tampling Election Address
File size  17kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Cameron Butland Election AddressCameron Butland Election Address
File size  220kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
David Craven Election AddressDavid Craven Election Address
File size  480kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Ruth Crossley Election AddressRuth Crossley Election Address
File size  66kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Matthew Firth Election AddressMatthew Firth Election Address
File size  42kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Stewart Fyfe Election AddressStewart Fyfe Election Address
File size  25kb    File date 15 Sep 2015
Richard Pratt Election AddressRichard Pratt Election Address
File size  24kb    File date 15 Sep 2015