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Go to Diocesan Office for information about the Finance Department.

They are able to give advice to parishes on matters such as Gift Aid.



PCCs sometimes have money invested in various ways. 
You can ask the Diocesan Office Finance department for initial help on matters relating to investments.
Many parishes (and other charities) put use the CCLA (Churches, Charities and Local Authorities) to invest their savings or other funds - the CCLA has an excellent track record in getting good returns.

Click here to go to the CCLA website



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Clergy Fees

Fees for weddings and funerals are set by General Synod acting under the authority of Parliament.

For fees for this year, click here

For guidance about fees, click here

For documents about Diocesan policy on Clergy Fees, and to assist in remitting them to the Diocese, see the list below:

Church of England Fees Table 2019Church of England Fees Table 2019
File size  91kb    File date 26 Feb 2019
Fees Forms 2019 ExcelFees Forms 2019 Excel
File size  71kb    File date 26 Feb 2019
Fees Forms 2019 pdfFees Forms 2019 pdf
File size  107kb    File date 26 Feb 2019
Guide to Parochial FeesGuide to Parochial Fees
File size  114kb    File date 30 Nov 2017
Church of England Fees Table 2018Church of England Fees Table 2018
File size  278kb    File date 30 Nov 2017
Fees Form 2018 (Excel)Fees Form 2018 (Excel)
File size  71kb    File date 30 Nov 2017
Fees Form 2018 (pdf)Fees Form 2018 (pdf)
File size  186kb    File date 30 Nov 2017