The Diocese aims to have all clergy comfortably and safely housed.

Clergy are expected to occupy and treat their houses in a way consonant both with being a good tenant and also with being the owner.

We hope, in looking after clergy houses, for a partnership between the Diocese, the Clergy, and the Parish. 

In the downloads you can find an electronic copy of the "pink booklet" which gives more detail about these matters.


Parsonage downloads

The Pink BookThe Pink Book
File size over 1MB  1125kb    File date 18 Aug 2014
Welcome to your new homeWelcome to your new home
File size  144kb    File date 18 Aug 2014
Vacancy Procedures - other clergy housesVacancy Procedures - other clergy houses
File size  136kb    File date 18 Aug 2014
Vacancy Procedures - Benefice HousesVacancy Procedures - Benefice Houses
File size  137kb    File date 18 Aug 2014