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Ministry is what we, as Christians, do for God for each other.

Of course most ministry is lightly structured or unstructured (eg being a good neighbour, or a school governor, or doing the flowers or mowing the grass at church), but some ministry is structured:

  • Clergy are licensed by the Bishop, having been trained and ordained;
  • Readers (sometimes called Licensed Lay Ministers) and Licensed Lay Ministers are licensed by the Bishop, having been trained - they can preach and take funerals and morning and evening prayer and offer pastoral care - they cannot do baptisms, weddings or communion;
  • Local Lay Ministers are commissioned locally, having been trained – they have different roles depending on their gifts and local needs.  Typical roles could be Outreach, Pastoral Care, working with young people or schools, and other aspects of leadership.
  • The Church Army is a national group, which trains full-time lay evangelists, who are licensed by the Bishop.

Information for churches to help people on their Christian journey and who are thinking about how they might serve God in their life can be found in the "Downloads" section of the "Ordained Ministry" section of the website. Resources for Vocations Sunday are included there.