Local Lay Ministry


Warden of Local Lay Ministers
Canon Amiel Osmaston

Ministry Development Officer and Warden of Local Lay MInisters
01228 815406   ministry.dev@carlislediocese.org.uk

What is a Local Lay Minister?

Someone who is called by God, trained, and commissioned by the Bishop to exercise a particular ministry within their parish/benefice on behalf of their local church.

Each Local Lay Minister has a unique and specific role, which depends on their gifts and the needs of the parish. It generally involves leadership responsibility for some aspect of th church’s work – perhaps pastoral, organisational or mission-focussed.   (Often the person is already doing this, but would benefit from training and public authorisation).

Local Lay Ministers are put forward by their Vicar and PCC, to be trained on a tailor-made diocesan programme.


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