Curates' Training IME Phase 2

  Revd Dr Allison Fenton
IME Phase 2 Officer, Cumbria Christian Learning


The First Four Years

The first four years are part of Initial Ministerial Education. They are normally served in a training post with supervision from a training incumbent. Induction and annual consultations are provided for those who have this responsibility. Expectations, guidelines and practical resources are set out in the diocesan Curacy Handbook.

Clergy in their first three years are required to participate in the planned post ordination training programme and incumbents must enable them to do so. It is organised by the IME Phase 2 Officer.

Non-Stipendiary Ministers must attend IME Phase 2 training and agree with the IME Phase 2 Officer a satisfactory pattern of attendance, taking into account the circumstances of the individual's secular employment.

Those in their first three years do not receive an individual CME allowance. But where the IME Phase 2 Officer considers it appropriate individual courses may sometimes be funded from the IME Phase 2 account.

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