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HR Advice

Many parishes within the diocese employ workers to help them with their mission. These workers include administrators, secretaries, youth and children's workers, community workers and caretakers. In addition the Church of England is resourced by the loyal commitment of an army of volunteer workers.

However, the employment of staff and the use of volunteer workers can fall into a legal minefield which deters some parishes from wishing to become an employer.

The Diocese has partnered with the Dioceses of Chester and Blackburn to update a guide (originally developed by the Church Urban Fund in collaboration with the Dioceses of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester) to employing people and working with volunteers. The guide, Just Employment, contains information on many aspects of employment: recruitment; documentation; pay and reward; performance management; dismissal and redundancy; policies, volunteers and health & safety.

It also includes a section giving useful contact details. There are numerous templates which accompany the guide: a suggested Contract of Employment; various policies; template letters; job description and person specification. The guide is available below. If you have a further query, please do not hesitate to contact Ali Ng our HR Manager. Her email address is



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Clergy Lone Working PolicyClergy Lone Working Policy
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Lone Worker Guidance for Assessing RiskLone Worker Guidance for Assessing Risk
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Just Employment part 2 (Ver 4 Apr 2013)Just Employment part 2 (Ver 4 Apr 2013)
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Just Employment (Ver 4 Apr 2013)Just Employment (Ver 4 Apr 2013)
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Preventing Bullying and Harassment PolicyPreventing Bullying and Harassment Policy
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Volunteer Agreement (ver Apr 2011)Volunteer Agreement (ver Apr 2011)
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