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The Vicar is leaving


The relationship between Vicar and people is complex and close, so when your Vicar comes to tell you that s/he is leaving, it is very like a bereavement. 

There needs to be a letting go on both sides - but at the same time, the Vicar is still in post until their last day - and their wisdom and knowledge are invaluable for you as you cope with the vacancy, and for their successor when they start.  The new Vicar will not be a clone of the old one, and some things will and should change.

Because of this need for letting go, and also because of the consultations which need to take place, and Parish Profiles written, there is always a gap - the vacancy or interregnum. During this time there is an extra burden on Church Officers, but also the possibility of further growth.  You will get support from the Rural Dean - who is the clergy person in charge of the Parish during the vacancy. 

Some decisions need to be made at the "Section 11" meeting - a draft agenda is available in the Downloads - and your Archdeacon will guide you through this. 

re resolutions A and Bre resolutions A and B
File size  26kb    File date 29 Apr 2014
Section 11 meeting agendaSection 11 meeting agenda
File size  23kb    File date 29 Apr 2014
Parish Profile templateParish Profile template
File size  36kb    File date 29 Apr 2014

At the end of the process, when your new Vicar starts his/her new work, there is a special service:  click here to go to the page with information about this.


One issue which has to be debated is whether the parish would accept the ministry of a woman:  there is a short document here which may help:



Drawing up a Parish Profile

There is a template for a Parish Profile in the Downloads;  more importantly, the Profile is best written involving your Archdeacon and in conversation with him/her.

Help can also be found on the Oxford Diocesan website:

Don't forget, when including pictures in a parish profile, to have pictures of people as well as of the buildings!