Mothers Union


Welcome to the Carlisle Diocese Mothers' Union.

  • The Mothers' Union is a Christian organisation that is concerned with all aspects of marriage and family life.
  • It fights poverty, injustice and family issues.
  • The Mothers' Union has 4 million members worldwide in 83 different countries.
  • It employs 300 grassroots workers from local communities around the world.
  • It runs ...
    • Parenting programmes.
    • Health and HIV/aids awareness programmes.
    • Literacy and Numeracy programmes.
    • Fights to eliminate 3rd world debt.
    • Campaigns and lobbies on family issues.
  • Here in Carlisle Diocese it provides ...
    • Help for centres for estranged parents and families.
    • A safe play area for children visiting Haverigg prison.
    • Basic recipe books for new university students.
    • Toilet bags for emergency hospital patients.
    • Support to families with pre-school children.
    • "One to Five" baptism cards for the whole country.


For more information call our Diocesan President Mrs Jane Conlan on 01228 710519.

Mothers' Union membership is open to all, male, female, married, single, parent or not. The only requirement is that you have been baptised in the Trinity and can support the aims of the organisation.

National Mothers' Union website:

  • "One to Five" is a set of cards which churches can deliver to families of those baptised to ...