Environment Policy

The Diocesan Policy, which can be downloaded from here, is far-reaching and deeply thought-out; it is considered to be the most thorough policy in the Church of England.  It incorporates a response to Climate Change but is much more than simply a reaction to that situation.

There is also a powerpoint presentation made to Diocesan Synod Sat 13th October 2012 by Revd Prof Ian James. 

Environment PolicyEnvironment Policy
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The Climate Justice Fund has been set up allow parishes and individuals in the UK to support Church-based projects around the Anglican Communion which enable the world's poor to do something to meet the challenges posed by Climate Change.  It would be a good candidate for donations made as outward giving from PCCs.

God, Nature and Climate Change

Churches Together in Cumbria has also produced an Environment document "God, Nature and Climate Change" which can be accessed by going to the Climate Change page of the CTiCumbria website

The presentations given at a day conference on Nuclear Energy at Carlisle Cathedral on Sat 6th February 2010 can also be found on the CTiCumbria website; click here for the Nuclear Energy Discussion