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DBE Contact Details

 Board of Education Members and Staff


Andrew Towner



Michael Mill

Director of Education

Office: 01768 807766  Mobile: 07584684306


Deborah Smith

Deputy Director of Education

Office: 01768 807767 


Dorothy Macleod

Schools Buildings and Finance Officer

Office: 01768 807768


Morven Anson

Administrative Assistant  

Office: 01768 807769

  The Right Revd James Newcome
Bishop of Carlisle
  The Revd Dr Emma Ineson
Bishop of Penrith 
  Andrea Armstrong
Co-opted Member & Headteacher of Kirkbampton CE School

Richard Cox                                                                                                                    Synod Lay Representative

  Becky Gibb
Synod Clergy Representative & Priest in Charge of the Benefice of St Bees
  Judith Gore
Co-opted Member & Headteacher of St Martin & St Mary CE School
  Jillian Harrison-Longworth
Co-opted Member & Headteacher of Blennerhassett School
  Shelagh Hughes
Synod Lay Representative & Headteacher of St Herbert's CE School
  Nick Klein
Co-opted Member and CEO NISCU
  David Mills
Synod Lay Representative
  The Venerable Vernon Ross
Synod Clergy Representative
  Richard Snow
Synod Clergy Representative
  Andrew Towner (Chair)                                                                                                    Synod Clergy Representative & Priest in Charge of the Benefice of St John, Houghton

DBE Priorities


The priorities of the Board of Education are to:

*  Meet the challenge of ensuring school effectiveness

*  Safeguard and develop the distinctiveness of church schools

*  Support fruitful, imaginative and meaningful relationships between schools, churches and families

*  Create pathways to secure the future of church school provision

*  Develop clear and effective systems of communication with partners, in particular communicating the work and role of the Diocesan Board of Education


Our CE Schools

 CE schools, their category and websites

(Categories: VC=Voluntary Controlled, VA= Voluntary Aided, F=Foundation, A=Academy)






Sustainable Small School's FlyerSustainable Small School's Flyer
File size  746kb    File date 11 Jul 2019
Headteacher Wellbeing LetterHeadteacher Wellbeing Letter
File size  138kb    File date 14 May 2019
Partnership Agreement 2019/20Partnership Agreement 2019/20
File size  961kb    File date  7 Feb 2019
Schools' Spring Newsletter January 2019Schools' Spring Newsletter January 2019
File size over 1MB  1796kb    File date 11 Jan 2019
File Scanned at 12/19/18 14:17:35File Scanned at 12/19/18 14:17:35
File size  616kb    File date 19 Dec 2018
Board of Education Annual Report 2017 - 18Board of Education Annual Report 2017 - 18
File size  563kb    File date 29 Oct 2018
Creating a Reflective Space in a CE SchoolCreating a Reflective Space in a CE School
File size over 1MB  3686kb    File date 22 Oct 2018
Understanding Christianity 2019Understanding Christianity 2019
File size  94kb    File date 16 Oct 2018
Diocesan Friends SchemeDiocesan Friends Scheme
File size  72kb    File date 16 Oct 2018
Schools Summer Newsletter Extra June 2018Schools Summer Newsletter Extra June 2018
File size  962kb    File date 13 Jun 2018
Trauma Resource LeafletTrauma Resource Leaflet
File size  820kb    File date 24 May 2018
Diocesan Vision for EducationDiocesan Vision for Education
File size  162kb    File date 19 Apr 2018
Bibles for ChildrenBibles for Children
File size over 1MB  1915kb    File date  9 Jan 2018
RE Training 260218RE Training 260218
File size  13kb    File date  9 Jan 2018
Church School Governance Training ProgrammeChurch School Governance Training Programme
File size  313kb    File date 31 Oct 2017
Its your move playIts your move play
File size over 1MB  1115kb    File date 30 Oct 2017
Towards a Diocesan Vision for EducationTowards a Diocesan Vision for Education
File size  135kb    File date 23 Oct 2017
diocesan consultants list Sept 2017diocesan consultants list Sept 2017
File size  14kb    File date  7 Sep 2017
File size  136kb    File date  5 Sep 2017
PQH further infoPQH further info
File size  290kb    File date  5 Sep 2017
Peer Support NetworkPeer Support Network
File size  519kb    File date  5 Sep 2017
School Effectiveness ConsultantsSchool Effectiveness Consultants
File size  212kb    File date 13 Apr 2017
Simply Collective Worship sampleSimply Collective Worship sample
File size over 1MB  1164kb    File date  6 Jun 2016
School Governance Regulations 2016School Governance Regulations 2016
File size  52kb    File date 31 Mar 2016
Self Review Questions for Governing BodiesSelf Review Questions for Governing Bodies
File size  60kb    File date 11 Feb 2016
Valuing All God's ChildrenValuing All God's Children
File size over 1MB  1981kb    File date  6 Oct 2014
DBE of the futureDBE of the future
File size over 1MB  6628kb    File date 23 Apr 2014
RE Teaching and Learning ReviewRE Teaching and Learning Review
File size  133kb    File date 23 Apr 2014

DBE dates



Tuesday 18th September (whole day)
Tuesday 20th November