** New Zululand Resources**

In May 2017 Michael Mill and Bernadette Calvey represented the Board of Education as part of the Diocese visit to Zululand. The purpose was not only to strengthen links between The Carlisle Diocese and Zululand's Diocese, but also to help Church Schools in Cumbria build and sustain links with schools in Zululand. 

We are now able to share resources 'Christian Values through Diocesan Links to Zululand Diocese' that will help to teach children not only about life in Zululand for children, but also about Christian faith in a multi cultural community at an international level.

If you have any questions about the resources or would like to know more about the links with Zululand please e-mail

**New Creating a Reflective Space in a CE School**

Delegates from a Christian Leadership Course run by one of our diocesan consultants, Penny Hollander, were asked in small groups to create a reflective space for children on the theme of 'Remembrance' to commemorate the ending of World War one, 100 years ago. Click here for details.

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