School Inspection

DBE Policy

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Procedures for conducting SIAMS inspections in the Carlisle Diocese * 

At the start of the academic year
The Deputy Diocesan Director of Education [DDDE] or designated SIAMS manager

*  provides to all CE schools with information about the organisation of SIAMS over that year and the list of schools and the year they are due for inspection
*  provides to the National Society / DFE schedules CE schools for a SIAMS inspection for each term of that year

Schools contact the DDDE/SIAMS manager to discuss their specific needs for inspection eg. The choice of inspector, times in the year that will not be appropriate (residential weeks etc)

The term before the inspection
DDDE/SIAMS manager schedules an inspector and a specific week for the schools to be inspected that term

One week before the inspection
DDDE/SIAMS manager notifies the inspector of the school and sends information about the school including published school data and previous SIAS / SIAMS reports

The week of the inspection
The DDDE/SIAMS manager –
*  contacts school and fixes a date for SIAMS later that week
*  emails written confirmation to the school and the inspector
*  sends the school a copy of the information received by the inspector the previous week
The School
*  emails self-evaluation materials to the inspector
The SIAMS inspector
Contacts the school and makes provisional arrangements for the day. This will include opportunities to meet with or speak to:
*  Head [early in the inspection and regular updates throughout]]
*  Chair of Governors (or a substitute)
*  Incumbent and/or a foundation governor
*  Children

and to observe
*  collective worship
*  religious education (in a voluntary aided school)
It may also include meetings with:
*  Parents
*  Co-ordinator for collective worship
*  Co-ordinator for RE
*  Other members of staff
*  Visits to other lessons or classes 
*  (In a voluntary controlled school) Observations of RE  etc

Please Note:
If a school is informed of an Ofsted inspection after they have been informed of a SIAMS in the same week.  The SIAMS will still take place in that week.  The SIAMS inspector may be able to change the date of the inspection to another date in that week.  Schools are advised to inform the DDDE/SIAMS manager as soon as they are notified of an Ofsted inspection if there is a likelihood of a clash. 

This is a policy that we are piloting and it will be reviewed (on the basis of feedback from headteachers) and possibly revised during the year.

1 Working Day Before The Inspection
The SIAMS inspector emails the Pre Inspection Briefing (PIP) to the headteacher. The purpose of the PIP is to inform the school of the inspector’s provisional judgements based on the documents provided in advance. It also identifies the focus of the inspection. It should be shared with relevant governors and staff in order to help them to prepare for the inspection and any interviews they may have.

SIAMS Inspection Day
The inspector has the option, where there are difficulties during the inspection of contacting the DDDE/SIAMS manager [or if she is unavailable another Carlisle Diocese SIAMS inspector] for advice or support during an inspection. The inspector should always consult with the DDDE/SIAMS manager if there appears to be any likelihood of the school receiving a grade 4 in one or more categories.

If, before the inspection, the DDDE/SIAMS manager anticipates any difficulties she will have made suitable arrangements – eg through a formal diocesan briefing agreed with the school, an enhanced inspection team or a suitable shadow inspector etc. The inspector is required to ensure that a secure inspection is completed and in exceptional circumstances may judge it necessary to adjourn or extend the inspection in consultation with the DDDE/SIAMS manager.

Provisional verbal feedback will take place at the end of the day. The feedback will usually be to the headteacher, the chair of governors, the parish priest and/or a foundation governor and any other appropriate people requested by the school.

(For further detail see “Schools appealing a judgement in the Carlisle diocese”)

The inspector will make clear that all grades are subject to quality assurance procedures and may be revised up or down during this process.

Immediately after the inspection
The inspector emails a draft report, a draft Judgement Reporting Form (JRF) and the SIB to the critical reader who will offer advice on the draft report and may, following consultation with the DDDE/SIAMS manager, advise the inspector to amend the provisional grade. The DDDE/SIAMS manager monitors the critical reader process.

When a final draft has been agreed with the critical reader, the inspector sends the draft to the DDDE/SIAMS manager for final checking and sends the approved draft to the school head with a request for corrections of fact within 2 working days.

Inspectors are required to ensure that they have “accepted all changes” in the document to ensure that none of the edited changes can be seen by the school or others.

If it becomes clear that the QA process may result in a lowering of one or more of the grades, the DDDE/SIAMS manager will contact the headteacher as soon as possible to highlight this possibility. This is a policy that we are piloting and it will be reviewed (on the basis of feedback from headteachers) and possibly revised during the year.

About 15 working days after the inspection

The inspector

*  emails the final report to the school, with a copy to the DDDE/SIAMS manager (a copy of which is forwarded to the LA and 
    the Archdeacon) and an invoice for the cost of the inspection.

The school governors
Publish the report to parents and other appropriate bodies. The inspection is funded by public money through the DfE and 
    the publication of the report is a government requirement. 

The Diocesan Director of Education

*  writes to the school regarding the  inspection (the DDDE/SIAMS manager sends an evaluation form)
*  contacts the school to discuss the inspection findings and agree any necessary report

The School
Sends a copy of their post inspection action plan to the DDDE

Inspectors must be familiar with current advice from Carlisle Diocesan Board of Education on all aspects of church schools. These are available from Diocesan Education Office or as a download from the website

 *  These practices may be varied occasionally to meet the needs of the school, the inspector etc.


Appendix:                 Inadequate Inspection Grades in Carlisle Diocese

Schools graded “inadequate” in a SIAMS inspection
Should a school receive an inadequate grade in any aspect of a SIAMS inspection the DDDE/SIAMS manager will:

*  convene a meeting with governors, the senior management team, clergy and appropriate diocesan officers.

*  agree an action plan detailing remedial action, additional diocesan support and appropriate monitoring by the diocese and,
    where necessary, re-inspection.

Non-compliance in collective worship (CW) or religious education (RE)

In a school where collective worship is not provided in compliance with the law:
*  the SIAMS inspector will be obliged to grade leadership and management (L&M) as “Inadequate as a result of non compliance with the law”

*  s/he will be expected to provide the usual judgements and evidence of the quality of the CW that does take place and to give a grade for the impact of the collective worship

*  the inadequate grade (4)  for L&M will be considered in deciding the overall grade for the school which may not be inadequate
   (4) overall

*  if the Governors feel that there are strong extenuating circumstances then they may follow the procedure for appealing the
    grade with the diocese

*  the same principles will apply to non compliance in respect of religious education.

Leadership and Management of the school as a church school
The inspector is required to make a judgement regarding the effectiveness of the school’s response to the areas for development identified in the previous inspection. Where the inspector judges this to be ineffective the inspector will be required to grade leadership and management of the school as a church school as inadequate (grade 4).

In “Ofsted Speak”: -   non compliance with the statutory requirements for RE or collective worship, or failure to adequately address the issues from the previous SIAS inspection, will be a limiting, inadequate judgement for the Leadership and Management of the School as a CE school.  It will not be a limiting judgement in other areas of school life but it will be used to form a judgement in those aspects. 

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