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Spirituality is about contacting and enlarging the inner life, which all of us have within, and allowing the living flame of the inner presence of God to touch and permeate our daily activities. It can be nurtured through encountering the beauty of the landscape surrounding us, through reading, music, relaxation, silence and quiet days, or retreats, which are times set apart, often led by an experienced Spiritual Director. Rydal Hall near Windermere is such a place.


The clergy are often the first point of contact for spiritual advice.  Click here to go to the part of the website where you can find contact Details for your Vicar or click here to go to A Church Near You

Spirituality Adviser
Revd. Cameron Butland   The Rectory, Grasmere, Cumbria.  LA22 9SW

Tel: 015394 35326      Email:

Cumbria Ecumenical Spirituality Group

The Team is in the process of arranging the programme for the coming year and would be glad of any feedback about what would be useful to the various groups we hope to meet over the next five years. 
We intend to work on a three-fold plan:

  • Offering quiet days and Exploring Spirituality days to parishes and circuits.
  • Offering a new training course for those interested in training as Spiritual Directors.   For further details contact Mr. Chris Wood on
  • Outreach to industry, businesses, teachers, NHS, police, and University of the 3rd age groups, farmers and any other interested parties.

Spiritual Direction

If you wish to find a Spiritual Director, please contact either Revd. Helen Marshall on   phone 017687 72467

or Mr. Chris Wood on      phone  01539 738030


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Cursillo is a movement of the Church, providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and enabled to share God’s love with everyone.