Our Vision

Our Vision

By 2020 every person in Cumbria will have had an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives.

We pray every day for God's Kingdom to come - that is our Vision.

Jesus spoke a lot about God's Kingdom, and told many stories about it.  They are not a recipe - but the more we think about them, the more we understand what God's Kingdom would be like.  It will be a place of justice and peace.  It will be a place of unbounded generosity and kindness.  It will be a place where all creation can flourish, and people prosper. The Kingdom is mysterious, it grows, it is worth giving up everything we have for it, it is the source of great joy.

Jesus is not the only way in which we know about the Kingdom.  The whole Bible is about God's sovereignty.  

Our Strategy

It is God who will establish his Kingdom - with or without us.  Our task is to cooperate with him.  We do this by being faithful disciples of Jesus - and so our strategy is to focus on Discipleship. 

Within this, we have three strands of strategy - focussing on mission and outreach, on ministry, and on buildings. (We focus on ministry and on buildings because these are the resources we have and we need to use them well.)

This is being delivered through our God for All strategy.

Mission and Outreach
We want everyone in Cumbria to know more of God and of his purpose for our lives. 

We want to do Church better.

We want buildings which are fit for purpose. 


We want to do this together with other Churches.  Jesus prayed that we would not be divided, and the way we Churches magnify tiny differences is a scandal to those outside.  So we are working at working together - especially with the URC and Methodist churches. 

More information

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