Growing Together

Three churches journeying as one for God's kingdom in Cumbria

The Ecumenical County of Cumbria Declaration of Intent was made at Ambleside Parish Centre in November 2011


The Challenge of the Covenant

Uniting in Mission and Holiness 

The Second Quinquennial Report (2013) of the Joint Implementation Commission under the Covenant between The Methodist Church of Great Britain and The Church of England

The Joint Implementation Commission for An Anglican-Methodist Covenant (JIC) has been working at the task set before it by our two churches of furthering the pilgrimage towards visible unity for the mission of the Church.

The report covers in detail where we are in our bilateral ecumenical journey after ten years in Covenant, recognising that, for some, progress is painfully slow.

Chapter 7 (page 37), headed ‘Covenant Partnership in Extended Areas’ is the section most pertinent to our deepening relations in Cumbria.


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Challenge of the CovenantChallenge of the Covenant
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