Buildings Strategy

Our buildings collectively are both a huge opportunity and a huge threat - some are one, some the other, and some both.  The opportunity comes because day and night they point towards God (or they should), because they symbolise our commitment to our communities, and because they provide opportunities/spaces/resources for us to do things.  The threat comes because they are expensive, because congregations naturally prioritise expenditure on buildings ahead of expenditure on ministry, because not all our buildings are fit-for-purpose, and because some of them do not point towards God.

We therefore believe we need a Strategy for dealing with Buildings.

So, Diocesan Synod agreed an Anglican version of the Buildings Strategy, and the "thinking document" (Buildings Strategy -Discipleship and Growth) which lies behind it, in October 2012.

These two documents, and the powerpoint presentation which Synod saw as part of the debate, can be downloaded below.

Since then, much work has been done on an ecumenical version of the Buildings Strategy - the latest version can be downloaded below.

Perhaps the most important document is in fact a picture (downloadable below): the "sustainability rosette" which came out of the research conducted by the Churches Trust for Cumbria, and shows the areas that churches need to be concerned about for their overall sustainability.



Sustainability RosetteSustainability Rosette
File size  245kb    File date 12 Apr 2016
draft ecumenical Buildings Strategy v 5draft ecumenical Buildings Strategy v 5
File size  98kb    File date 30 Apr 2015
Carlisle Diocese Buildings Strategy v 1.0Carlisle Diocese Buildings Strategy v 1.0
File size  69kb    File date 23 Apr 2014