Disciples Together Course

"Disciples Together" is a course for the Diocese of Carlisle, focussing on the diocesan vision for growing disciples of Jesus Christ. It provides materials for five meetings in a small group. (The course was written for Lent 2011, but could also be used at any time of year).

The course explores how Christians can grow together as disciples in faith and maturity, and how our churches can draw other people into faith so that they too become disciples of Christ.

All the Anglican course materials can be downloaded free from this website (see the downloadable documents below). They include: a publicity flier, Guidelines for Group Leaders, 5 Leader's Notes, 5 Members' Notes, and a couple of extra handouts.

There is also a separate and complete version of the course as lectures/talks/sermons - the titles of the downloads make it clear which is which.  

The course is also available in an ecumenical version. It covers the same basic material, but in an ecumenically-appropriate way, and with some extra ecumenical resources. Since our diocesan Vision and Strategy has a strong emphasis on ecumenical co-operation, all Anglican churches in Cumbria are encouraged to arrange ecumenical study groups and to use the ecumenical version of the course. The ecumenical materials are not on this website, but can be downloaded from the website of 'Churches Together in Cumbria' http://www.churchestogethercumbria.co.uk/


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