Diocesan Strategy for Ministry

A draft strategy for future Ministry in the Diocese was drawn up and debated last year.  The Diocesan Synod asked for further work to be done to examine the local implications of the strategy ahead of a debate in October this year. 

The Strategy has been and continues to be considered widely by local churches, Deanery Synods, Circuit meetings and Churches Together Groups. 

Now Diocesan Sytnod has voted overwhelimngly in favour of the latest version of the Ministry Strategy, which can be downloaded below: "C (ii) A Strategy for Ministry in Cumbria".

There is also a Diocesan Ministry Strategy Group ministry.strategy@carlislediocese.org.uk  with ecumenical members which has sought views, comments, issues and suggestions.  Look on the group’s website http://msfag.carlislediocese.org.uk/  and the Issues Page on that website.


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