Diocese of Carlisle

C2 Leadership for Lay Leaders and Clergy

A C2 Leadership Training session last for approximately three hours.

This is required for those in leadership positions such as leaders at child and vulnerable adult activities, parish safeguarding representatives and churchwardens. If C2 is required it should be done after C1.

This training will:
  • Explore practice guidance in diocesan safeguarding processes, including response to serious safeguarding situations, information recording and the importance of partnership working;
  • Learn key statutory sector partners and know how to contact those relevant to your current work, including the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser;
  • Understand diocesan safeguarding processes for responding to serious safeguarding situations, including responding to victims and survivors and referral to other agencies; managing posers of risk and review of safe working practices;
  • Demonstrate the accurate recording and safe storage of safeguarding information; and
  • Undertake an annual audit and review of diocese/ parish safer working practices.