Diocese of Carlisle


University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Lead Chaplain - The Rev Ian Dewar (Anglican)
T: 01524 519231
E: ian.dewar@mbht.nhs.uk

Furness General Hospital - Barrow

Deacon Deborah Wilde (Methodist)
T: 07824 993626 or 01229 403715
E: deborah.louise@hotmail.com

The Rev Ron Wilson (URC)
T: 01229 465061

The Rev Tony Ford (Anglican)
T: 01229 820405
E: tonyford227@btinternet.com

Westmorland General Hospital – Kendal

The Rev Christine Brown (Anglican)
T: 01539 625418
E: christinelucy2014@gmail.com

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (for all general hospital and community services except mental health)

Cumberland Infirmary - Carlisle

Lead Chaplain - The Rev Barrie Thomas (Anglican)
T: 07443 549525
E: barriethomas@outlook.com

The Rev Eleanor Hancock (Anglican)
T: 01228 527106/07763 482542
E: eleanor.hancock55@gmail.com

The Rev David Newlove (Methodist)
T: 01228 585295

Brian Downie (Independent)
T: 07904 715476

Sheryl Haw (Anglican)
T: 07739 665777

West Cumberland Hospital - Whitehaven

Roger Wilkinson (Anglican Reader)
T: 07974 437874
E: rgwilkinsonexec@gmail.com

Davy Jones (Anglican Reader)
T: 01946 691195
E: davylad@gmail.com

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (for mental health services)

Alston Community Hospital


Brampton Community Hospital

Miss Sheila Goodliffe (Anglican)
T: 016977 41211
E: sheilafg@btinternet.com

The Carleton Clinic - Carlisle

The Rev Katie Hyslop (Anglican) 
T: 01228 523380
E: katie.hyslop2010@gmail.com

Cockermouth Cottage Hospital


Mary Hewetson Cottage Hospital - Keswick

The Rev Rosemary Elliott (Anglican)
T: 017687 72513/07721 855007
E: rosemarymelliott@yahoo.co.uk

The Rev Andy Murphie (Anglican)
T: 017687 72509
E: vicar@crosthwaitechurchkeswick.co.uk

Maryport Victoria Cottage Hospital

The Rev Ken Wright (Anglican)
T: 01946 833536/07766 769320
E: kenwright@talktalk.net

Penrith Hospital

The Rev Sandra Ward (Anglican)
T: 01900 85237/07946 633334
E: sandra.ward@cumbria.nhs.uk
E: revd.sandra@btinternet.com

Workington Community Hospital

The Rev Ken Wright 
T: 01946 833536/07766 769320
E: kenwright@talktalk.net