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Safeguarding Training


As a Church we are required to best equip our leaders and people to recognise and respond to safeguarding issues. The House of Bishops has therefore agreed a detailed guidance document that addresses training in core aspects of safeguarding within the context of worshipping communities. At the present time these requirements apply to all leaders (ordained and lay leaders) and those working or volunteering on behalf of church communities with children, young people or vulnerable adults. They apply therefore to all members of the Church of England leading or working in new or emerging forms of Church, including mission communities.

Click here for the Practice Guidance: Safeguarding and Development.

Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework 2021

We have previously briefed all incumbents, PCC Secretaries and Parish Safeguarding Officers on the new arrangements relating to the Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework 2021. You can read the briefing here and also view the full document which highlights the appropriate mandatory training for all roles.

Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework 2021

What safeguarding training do I need for my role?

Basic Awareness and Foundation Training

The expectation is that the Basic and Foundation modules will be completed online via the Church of England Safeguarding Training Portal

However, we understand that people may not always be able to access training online so we can provide materials to enable you to deliver face-to-face sessions within your own parish setting. Please let us know if you plan any such events and provide details of all those who attend and complete the training so that our records are kept up to date.

If you need further help or to submit details of training completed please email Kerry Ellis or the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser.

Leadership Training

This training consists of two x 90 minute sessions which are usually delivered a week apart (*unless specified below). Also, by booking session one, participants are automatically enlisted onto the second session. To complete this training successfully, it is imperative that you attend both sessions, complete the pre programme work (which involves answering 4 questions but should take no more than an hour to complete) and also complete the post training reflective account. This information will all be sent to you in a separate email following booking. Please contact safeguarding.adviser@carlislediocese.org.uk if you have any questions about this before booking.

There is availability on both a selection of face to face and virtual courses, and we are also now trialling delivery of the two sessions in one day.

You only need to do this training if you have not completed the old C2/C3 level in the past three years. This level of training is for (as per the Safeguarding Learning & Development Framework 2021):

  • All clergy holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission (including PtO where exemption has not been given and PtO specific pathway is not available – please contact the DSA if you require clraification) including Honorary/Assistant Bishops and Chaplains.
  • All Readers and Licensed Lay Ministers holding the Bishop’s licence (under Canons E6 & E8), together with all others who hold the Bishop’s commission, authorisation, or permission to carry out similar ministerial functions (including PtO where exemption has not been given). (Ordinands need to have completed the Leadership Pathway before their diaconal ordination and lay ministers in training before they are licensed.)
  • Non-executive members of Chapter (unless their role in the diocese requires a higher level).
  • Parish Safeguarding Officers / Leads in all Church bodies.
  • Teaching staff at Theological Education Institutions who are delivering the Leadership Pathway.
  • It should also, according to the local context, include such other people who significantly influence the culture of that Church body. These may include, for example, lay ministry staff employed by a PCC or Bishops’ Mission Order, locally appointed leaders of new worshipping communities, focal ministers, and Churchwardens.*

* Whilst in many contexts the level of influence of Churchwardens may well not reach the threshold, it should be noted that this can increase significantly during vacancies. Please contact the DSA to discuss if you are unsure. 

Course    Delivery/Venue       Date        Booking link     
2024/01 Zoom
Session 1: Monday 8 January
7pm - 8.30pm
Session 2 - Monday 15 January
7pm - 8.30pm
Click here
2024/02* Zoom
*Note two week gap due
to half term
Session 1: Tuesday 6 February
7pm - 8.30pm
Session 2 - Tuesday 20 February
7pm - 8.30pm
Click here
2024/03 Zoom Session 1: Tuesday 5 March
10am - 11.30am
Session 2 - Tuesday 12 March
10am - 11.30am
Click here
2024/04 Zoom Session 1: Thursday 18 April
7pm - 8.30pm
Session 2 - Thursday 25 April
7pm - 8.30pm
Click here
2024/05 Face to Face
Church House,
19-24 Friargate,
Penrith, CA11 7XR
Thursday 2 May
10.15am - 2.45pm (in a day)
* Note that this course will be
delivered in one day.
Click here
2024/06 Face to Face
Church House,
19-24 Friargate,
Penrith, CA11 7XR
Thursday 9 May
10.15am - 2.45pm (in a day)
* Note that this course will be
delivered in one day.
Click here
2024/07 Face to Face
Church House,
19-24 Friargate,
Penrith, CA11 7XR
Session 1: Thursday 2 May
6pm - 7.30pm
Session 2 - Thursday 9 May
6pm - 7.30pm
Click here
2024/08* Face to Face
Ulverston Parish Church,
20 Church Walk, LA12 7EN.
Friday 3 May
10am - 2.30pm (in a day)
* Note that this course will be 
delivered in one day.
Click here
2024/09 Zoom Session 1: Wednesday 5 June
2pm - 3.30pm
Session 2 - Wednesday 12 June
2pm - 3.30pm
Click here
2024/10 Zoom Session 1: Friday 5 July
10am - 11.30am
Session 2 - Friday 5 July
10am - 11.30am
Click here
2024/11 Zoom Session 1: Wednesday 11 September
7pm - 8.30pm
Session 2 - Wednesday 18 September
7pm - 8.30pm
Click here
2024/12 Face to Face
Bothel Village Hall,
Bothel, CA7 2HL
Thursday 26th September 
10.15am - 3.00pm (in a day)
* Note that this course will be
delivered in one day.
Click here
2024/13 Zoom Session 1: Thursday 3 October
2pm - 3.30pm
Session 2 - Thursday 10 October
2pm - 3.30pm
Click here
2024/14 Zoom Session 1: Wednesday 13 November
10am - 11.30am
Session 2 - Wednesday 20 November
10am - 11.30am
Click here

If you have any questions/concerns about the contents or method of delivery of this course, or if there are any ways that we can assist you with your learning, either prior to or during the session, please make contact with Jo on safeguarding.adviser@carlislediocese.org.uk. We will do our best to facilitate your requirements. Please do this as soon as you have booked onto the course.

Click here for the Leadership training flow chart.

Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Induction Course

This stand-alone course is aimed at any person taking on the role of Parish Safeguarding Officer and / or, for existing Parish Safeguarding Officers.

The aim of this course is to equip learners with an understanding of the role of the Parish Safeguarding Officer and induct them into key working practices and relationships. It is delivered over a 3-hour session. There is a short piece of reflective work to complete afterwards. Feedback so far indicates that this course is assisting in empowering PSOs to understand their role and provides a networking opportunity to develop relationships with the DSA and other people in the same role as you.

The available dates and links to book are as follows (if you would like to attend but this date is not convenient, please contact safeguarding.administration@carlislediocese.org.uk so we can assist you with future dates):

CourseDelivery/VenueDateCapacityBooking link
2024/02ZoomWednesday 19 June
6pm - 9pm
12Click here

‘Train The Trainer’ Training

This one-day course is being offered to those who would like to have the confidence to deliver the Basic and Foundation level of Safeguarding training at a face-to-face level in their parishes.It will provide an overview of the content and materials available for both courses and will assist in developing participants skills in being able to deliver these levels face to face to those whom require it.Please contact Jo Van Lachterop - safeguarding.adviser@carlislediocese.org.uk to register your interest in attending and seek further information.

This role is one which people can offer to do as much or as little as they like in, and we are looking to build a community of support for these trainers.

For those who are interested in this area of work we are asking:

  • Attendance at one of the train the trainer days (details below)
  • Spend some time preparing for this course
  • Be prepared to deliver at least one course by the end of January
  • Feel confident to deliver training to adults
  • It is someone with some safeguarding knowledge either from a role in the church or their workplace

Forthcoming Course

        Church House, Penrith,
CA11 7XR.
Wednesday 6 December
10am – 3.30pm 
Book here

Please note there will be a short break for lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse 2021

The new online Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse 2021 training course has been launched and is available to complete via a portal. The recommended time allowance is 1.5 - 2hrs.

Click here to access the course.   

The aim of this course is equip participants to engage thoughtfully and proactively with the issue of domestic abuse and those affected.

The outcomes of the course are to enable the learner to:

  • Identify the typologies of domestic abuse and survivor groups.
  • Explore myths, barriers, stereotypes and impacts of domestic abuse particularly in a faith context.
  • Reflect on how your own beliefs and values and the stories and narratives that they bring impact on your responses to survivors and perpetrators.
  • Evaluate the needs of domestic abuse survivors to support them effectively, including referral pathways and the roles of supporting agencies.
  • Identify safeguarding actions to protect victims or those at risk whilst also understanding the limitations and boundaries of your role.

The required attendees are:

  • Anyone holding the Bishop’s licence, commission, authorisation, or permission (clergy, PtO, Readers, LLMs)
  • Bishops Visitors / Pastoral Visitors
  • Safeguarding Officers
  • Ordinands during IME 1.
  • PCC Members / Lay Chapter Members.
  • Staff at Theological Education Institutions with student facing roles.
  • Members of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel.

It is also recommended that Persons holding any other pastoral role within the Church complete the course. 

Face-to-Face Training

To date, the only way to complete the Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse course in our diocese has been via the Church of England Safeguarding Portal. However, in response to requests, we are able to offer a few Face-to-Face sessions. This will be a pilot to see how it is received and then can be further developed.

This course is delivered in one x 2.5 hour session, and further details of what it covers are below. It will be delivered by the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Jo Van Lachterop and our independent trainer Jill Webb.

Aim: To enable participants to engage thoughtfully and pro-actively with the issue of Domestic Abuse, and those effected, in a Church context.



Please note that new dates for 2024 will be released soon.

Modern Slavery and Safeguarding Training for PSOs

Modern Slavery is a serious crime being committed across the UK in which victims are exploited for someone else’s gain. It can take many forms including trafficking of people, forced labour and servitude. Victims are often hidden away, may be unable to leave their situation, or may not come forward because of fear or shame. Victims are men, women and children of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities. Those we know about are just the tip of the iceberg - many victims never come forward to the authorities and continue to live miserable lives with no freedom or dignity. 50 million people are estimated to be trapped in some form of modern slavery in the world today. There are an estimated 136 000 victims in the UK*

*Statistics are taken from the Global Slavery Index and the Centre for Social Justice, ‘It Still Happens Here.’

You may recall this high-profile case in Carlisle in 2021/2022:



Modern slavery and human trafficking are forms of abuse and as such require a safeguarding response. Attending a training session on safeguarding and modern slavery is a crucial step your church can take in working towards a slavery-free community.

You are all invited to attend one of the free courses being offered by the Clewer Initiative. Please book directly via the link below.

Click here to book on to the Modern Slavery and Safeguarding Training for Parish Safeguarding Officers 

This training will cover:

  1. What is modern slavery?
  2. How do you recognise, respond, record and refer concerns about modern slavery and exploitation?
  3. What do I need to know about safeguarding when working with potential victims?
  4. Where can I get further information and training from?

The training will take place via Zoom on the dates listed below, please sign up for one of the sessions:

  • 10 January 2024, 7pm - 8.30pm
  • 21 February 2024, 10am - 11:30am
  • 26 February 2024, 7pm - 8:30pm
  • 11 March 2024, 10am - 11:30am
  • 15 April 2024, 2pm - 3:30pm
  • 15 April 2024, 7pm - 8.30pm