Diocese of Carlisle

Safeguarding Training


As a Church we are required to best equip our leaders and people to recognise and respond to safeguarding issues. The House of Bishops has therefore agreed a detailed guidance document that addresses training in core aspects of safeguarding within the context of worshipping communities. At the present time these requirements apply to all leaders (ordained and lay leaders) and those working or volunteering on behalf of church communities with children, young people or vulnerable adults. They apply therefore to all members of the Church of England leading or working in new or emerging forms of Church, including mission communities.

Click here for the Practice Guidance: Safeguarding and Development.

During the summer we shall be setting up a new, post Covid training schedule focusing on Leadership training for those taking up new responsibilities and those who need to refresh their leadership training. We have briefed all incumbents, PCC Secretaries and Parish Safeguarding Officers on the new arrangements. You can read the briefing here and see the flow chart for Leadership training here.

Click here for the briefing for all incumbents, PCC Secretaries and Parish Safeguarding Officers.

Click here for the Leadership training flow chart.

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