Diocese of Carlisle

Peer Support Network and CoEPQH

The programmes takes a distinctively Christian approach to covering the NPQH, exploring the practical challenges of headship through ethical and value based lenses, as well as offering the opportunity to build a professional network that will support you over the coming years.

By choosing to complete your NPQH with the Church of England you will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to explore the Church of England Vision for Education and how you can embed its principles within your school community
  • Excellent facilitators who share their authentic experience and create a challenging and supportive learning environment
  • Mentoring and action learning
  • Completing learning assignments in both your own school and a placement school
  • Joining a network of colleagues who will support you in your professional development

For further information please email here.

Please visit www.cefel.org.uk/cofepqh to find out more.