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    10 out of 10 for Diocesan Ordination Training

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    3 June 2020

    Ten people from across the Diocese of Carlisle – the Church of England in Cumbria - have been chosen for ordination training.

    The number represents a recent high for the Diocese, with the candidates due to begin their training this year.

    The group includes two retired GPs, a senior practice nurse, a vet, a senior partner in an international firm of actuaries and a HR executive.

    Four will train towards stipendiary (salaried) ministry while six will train towards self-supporting ministry, which is unpaid. Seven will train part-time for three years with Cumbria Christian Learning, which is part of the Diocese’s God for All team, while three others will complete full-time studies.

    The Rev Canon Peter Clement, Diocesan Director of Ordinands, said: “It is some years since we have seen this number of successful candidates so we are delighted.

    “As we move forward into the future we must look at new ways of leadership in our churches. Lay ministry and self-supporting ordained ministry will become increasingly important.

    “Our vision for the last few years has set us in good stead for the future, but we need to keep listening to God to see who else might be called into new and exciting forms of active discipleship and calling in our churches. I am very excited about the possibilities for the future”

    The route to ordination training has seen each candidate draw alongside diocesan Vocations Advisers and the Director of Ordinands as part of a discernment process which can last 18 months or longer.

    Each then goes before a local discernment panel before being interviewed by a national selection panel. This year the coronavirus pandemic meant that six candidates’ national interviews were conducted by Zoom video conferencing.

    The Bishop of Carlisle, the Rt Rev James Newcome, said: “It is wonderful that we have seen such a high success rate, it truly represents a 10 out of 10 result! Our prayers will continue to be with each candidate as they prepare to begin ordination training and to follow the path that God has mapped out for them in terms of mission and ministry.”


    For further information please contact Dave Roberts, Diocesan Communications Manager, on 07469 153658, 01768 807764 or at communications@carlislediocese.org.uk.