Diocese of Carlisle

Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment of church officers and volunteers is an essential ingredient of good safeguarding in church settings. Congregations expect a worship setting to be a safe space and we know that those with ill intentions towards (in particular) children and young people will seek out settings where people are trusting and processes are weak.

Safer recruitment fulfils two important functions. It can identify at an early stage persons who should not be working with children, young people or vulnerable adults. It also sends a clear message to the wider community that should they attempt to do so, such people will be identified and prevented from taking on roles of trust.

Key policy and guidance documents agreed by the House of Bishops are:

Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance
Scope of the Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance

Safer Recruitment and People Management Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that a leader in each parish has read the guidance document with its comprehensive role definitions and model forms. 

Carlisle Diocese supports parishes and the Cathedral in undertaking these checks. For further advice and application forms contact Human Resources.