Diocese of Carlisle

Quinquennial Inspections

By law, Churches (and parsonage houses) have to be inspected by an architect or surveyor every five years. These inspections are called Quinquennial Inspections (QQIs). The reason for these inspections is to make sure that PCCs keep their churches in as good order as they possibly can.

Before the Architect or Surveyor makes their inspection visit, the PCC should make good preparation, including thinking carefully and realistically about the role of their building(s) in the mission of the Church, and in the Mission Community to which they belong. It is recommended that parishes build up a good relationship with their architect/surveyor, and commission him/her to provide necessary specifications for repairs.

The architect or surveyor will write a report, which goes to the PCC, with copies to the Diocesan Advisory Committee, and to the relevant Archdeacon, and they are read by both DAC and Archdeacon. Archdeacons refer to these reports when they do their Visitations to parishes.

There is a standard format for the Report suggested by the Diocese. Amongst other things, the QQI report will show what work needs to be done urgently, and what work needs to be done within the next 12 months, 2 years, 5 years, and beyond five years.

You should talk to your Archdeacon about anything in your QQI Report which you do not understand; it is a very good starting point for your regular maintenance programme.

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