Diocese of Carlisle

Resources for Secretaries

An integral position within the Council is that of PCC Secretary, elected by parish members at the Annual Meeting.

Duties of the PCC Secretary include sending out notices of meetings in good time, preparing reports for meetings and keeping the minutes. They are also expected to deal with correspondence, keep a check on the parish diary, remain up-to-date with what is going on in the parish, and be able to brief the Chair of the PCC.

It is an important role that ensures the smooth running of the PCC and demands good organisational skills and an efficient nature.

Electoral Roll

Electoral rolls are prepared every six years. The latest was updated in 2019, meaning the next one will be due in 2025.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

The Church Representation Rules 2020 state that all APCMs should be completed by 31st of May 2024. There is no extension in place this year so all APCMs must be completed by this date. Please note that under M4 of the updated Church Representation rules, the Chair of the meeting does not have to be the minister, it can be a person appointed by the meeting, who could be lay.

This year we have included a calculator to enable you to work out the dates that actions need to be completed by in relation to your APCM date.

Electoral rolls are to be revised this year (not fully renewed).Your electoral roll should be open for amendments throughout the year but between 28 and 14 days prior to your APCM, the electoral roll must be closed and published so that it is available for inspection. The published version should contain every name on the electoral roll but no other personal data.

Once the electoral roll is closed please complete the attached form (entitled Carlisle Electoral Roll Certificate) or simply email the information requested on the form and return it to cath.bell@carlislediocese.org.uk as soon as possible and no later than July 1st 2024.

We would strongly recommend that you hold your first PCC meeting directly after the Vestry meeting and APCM to elect other church officers. You may wish to use the attached template agenda for the Vestry meeting, APCM and subsequent PCC meetings. We have also included a check list to help you.

Please then return the details of those elected using the attached Parochial Information Form.

The certificate recording the election of Churchwardens should be completed by the Incumbent or Priest in Charge, but could be delegated to the Chair of the APCM or the PCC Secretary, after the Vestry meeting.This year this will be an electronic form (MS Forms) and the link will be sent out in March with a reminder in May.

The APCM results notification (attached) should be displayed on or near the front door of the church for 14 days after the meeting.

In addition, there will be a frequently asked questions document on the website in order to help you further. 

Admission of Churchwardens 2024

The Admission of Churchwarden’s services will, from now on, be held by Deanery. The Archdeacon of the archdeaconry will admit the Churchwardens as normal, but where this is not possible, Rural Deans may be given delegated authority from the Archdeacon to do so.

Anna Morris, will be in touch (if she hasn’t already) to advise of the Admission of Churchwarden dates. These will all be held by the end of July.

As last year, the Churchwarden’s declaration form will be completed using an electronic form, which new and returning Churchwardens will be asked to complete prior to their Admission Service

Paper copies will still be available at the service should these be required. Anna Morris will have a list of those forms that have been returned electronically and will therefore know which people need to complete a paper form.

The Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry to churchwardens will also take an electronic form this year. Where churchwardens are unable to access electronic media, we hope that others in the parish will be able to provide this access. Churchwardens cannot be admitted without the Articles having been completed for their church. As with the Declaration form, there will be paper copies available at the Admission Service if required.

Parochial Fees