Diocese of Carlisle

Diocesan Board of Finance

£2 million hydro-electric scheme at the Diocese of Carlisle's Rydal Hall

The Diocesan Board of Finance is the charitable company which transacts the financial business of the Diocese.

In our Diocese, the Diocesan Synod is the Diocesan Board of Finance. It has a Finance Committee which meets on alternate months and steers the day-to-day running of the Board. The members of the Finance Committee are the Directors of the Board and Trustees of the charity. There are up to ten Trustees/Directors:

  • Ex Officio - Diocesan Bishop and three Archdeacons
  • Elected - Five members elected by Diocesan Synod
  • Co-opted - Up to four co-opted members

As Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) are not legally able to own property, the DBF of the Diocese has the role of custodian trustee for all PCC property. If a PCC wishes, for example, to sell some property (e.g. a house), they need to apply to the DBF Finance Committee for permission to do this. 

Finance Committee Membership

Ex-Officio Directors:
The Right Rev James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle (President)
The Ven Dr Richard Pratt, Archdeacon of West Cumberland
The Ven Lee Townend, Archdeacon of Carlisle
The Ven Vernon Ross, Archdeacon of Westmorland & Furness

Elected by Members:
The Rev Andrew Towner
Mr Jim Johnson (Acting Chair)
Mr John Edwards
Mr Rob Cook
Mr Derek Bradley

Co-opted by the Directors:
Mrs Susan Wigley

Minutes of DBF Meetings

Carlisle Diocesan Board of Finance Accounts