Diocese of Carlisle

Coronavirus - Property Resources

Property Office

The property department at Church House is currently closed. Calls to the property department direct line (01768 807762) are redirected to the main Church House switchboard, which continues to be monitored.

Neal Andrews is now on furlough leave until further notice. His email inbox will be monitored.

Helen Harker continues to work remotely with full access to emails, and will handle all property matters. Emails should be sent to property@carlislediocese.org.uk.

Day-to-day repairs

Essential repairs will continue to be addressed as usual when reported providing that contractors and materials are available to deal with them. Occupiers and contractors will be expected to follow all recommended social distancing and sanitation measures.

Action on any reported issues that are considered non-essential will be deferred for so long as the recommendations on social distancing remain in place.

​Self-isolating Clergy/Families/Tenants

When reporting any issues to the property department you must advise if anyone at the property is self-isolating due to having symptoms of the virus or having been in contact with someone suspected to have the virus. You should expect to be asked to confirm this before any arrangements can be made for a contractor to attend.

Generally it will not be possible to arrange for contractors to attend a property if any occupier is in a period of self-isolation. In the case of urgent repairs, or significant failure of heating, hot water or electrical installations, please contact the property department to discuss any possible action.

Quinquennial Works

The 2020 planned programme of quinquennial works to houses has been deferred and is not expected to be undertaken until 2021.

If you feel there are any particularly urgent repairs required to your home then please contact the property department to discuss.

Tenanted Properties

The diocese is aware that, as a consequence of Covid-19, some tenants may face difficulties in making their rent payments in the coming months. We would encourage any tenants who are affected in this way to contact us to discuss matters. The diocese would not wish any tenants to feel that their homes are at risk due to a change in circumstances caused by the current exceptional situation.

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