Diocese of Carlisle

What is the DAC?

The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) is made up of the Chair, three Archdeacons, one Synod clergy member, one Synod lay member, one Historic England nominee, one local authorities nominee and experts in architecture, archaeology, engineering, planning, the environment, heating and lighting.

There are also voluntary specialists who, although not members of the Committee, assist them by advising on artefacts, bells, clocks, sound systems, and textiles, for example.

The main roles of the DAC are:

  • to advise parishes wishing to undertake any work to the fabric or furnishings of churches or churchyards;
  • to advise the Chancellor of the Diocese when the necessary Faculty (legal authorisation) is sought to do such work by issuing its Certificate (recommending, not objecting to, or not recommending the proposed work), and
  • to educate churchwardens and the churches' architects/surveyors in the care and maintenance of the buildings for which they are responsible.

The DAC has no authority to make decisions; its job is to offer advice based on long experience, diverse expertise and careful attention to the particular proposals put forward. It is also required to take into account the Mission and Ministry issues raised by proposals.

The DAC currently meets eight times a year.

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Links and Resources

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