Diocese of Carlisle

Initial Ministerial Education (Phase 2) for Newly Licensed Readers and Curates

Curacy in Cumbria is intended to equip deacons and priests to work ecumenically in and for Mission Communities across our county, while ensuring that their experience is broad enough to enable their deployment anywhere within the Church of England.

We hope that curacy will be a time of formation and transformation for curate and training minister, and provide:

  • A safe, supportive, stable space
  • A responsive, reflective, and respectful space
  • A teaching, training and transforming space[1]

In Cumbria, our curates are usually placed in Mission Communities, and although one person is responsible for their supervision, they draw wisdom from across the community.This ecumenical, collaborative environment offers a great richness of learning and variety of experience.We draw on the expertise and innovation found in our mainly rural diocese to enrich the curacy experience, offering placements appropriately to extend curates’ learning.Our aim is that the training curates receive will equip them to be reflective, resilient and creative leaders in Mission Communities.

The IME2 programme includes 6 study days comprising ‘hard skills’ skills (which are practical in nature) and ‘soft skills’ days (which relate to National Formation Criteria). In addition, curates participate in Action Reflection groups during which curates share and reflect together on a case-studies from their ministry experience.

The curate handbook has more details about the opportunities and expectations of curacy.

The Rev Nicky Smith co-ordinates the IME2 programme and training for curates.

[1] Wendy Edwards, (2012), ‘Exploring Curate Supervision’ MA Dissertation p.68 (http://www.ministrydevelopment.org.uk/UserFiles/Fi...